What is ihiSigns.com?

ihiSigns.com is a website that was developed to provide real estate professionals, homeowners and developers with a state of the art web platform to help simplify the process of requesting yard sign installations other related services.

Why should I use IHI?

We are a locally owned and operated company.  Our industry leading reliability, expedient turn around time and and superior end product are a few of the things that set us apart from our competitors.  We are better because we care enough to take the time to be better.  

What is your turn around time?

Most new orders are processed within 48 business hours. Here is a link to our service schedule for more clarity on our turn around time.

Can my new order be rushed?

Any service request can be rushed or "Expedited".  Expedited orders are processed the next business day if received by 3pm.

*There is an additional fee associated with Expedited requests.  

Do you charge a rental fee for the use of your real estate signposts?

We have a Renewal Fee that is automatically assessed every 6 months for the continued use of our signposts.  You can expect to see your first renewal fee 6 months from the date of install.  Renewal fees will continue until such time as a removal request is received and processed.

*Renewal Fees cannot be not pro-rated and are non-refundable.

What happens if you hit a home owners sprinkler line when you install my signpost?

We will always do our best to repair a sprinkler line in the event one us struck during an install project. Our install staff are trained to perform minor repairs to sprinkler systems and our trucks are equipped accordingly.

*As a matter of policy IHI, LLC is not responsible for any damage that may occur to or as a result of striking any unmarked or otherwise unidentifiable underground liability.  An underground liability is any non-utility object, which includes but is not limited to the following: sprinkler lines (irrigation lines), invisible dog fences, communications lines and electrical wires for exterior lighting.

Can I call someone to have them mark for utilities?

Yes. Blue Stakes of Utah is an underground utility location service that will identify and mark any underground utilities that may be present at an intended dig site. This is a free service.

*Note that contacting Blue Stakes will delay your service request 48 business hours.

Will you contact Blue Stakes for me prior to installing my signpost?

Because we cannot provide Blue Stakes of Utah with the requisite property information we cannot effectively request a facility locate. We do however strongly recommend that our clients take the time to make a request themselves. Blue Stakes will provide customers with a “dig” ticket number. That number can be relayed to us through your installation request. We will then contact Blue Stakes and get what is called a duplicate ticket, which gives IHI, LLC permission to perform the excavation required to install a signpost

Customers can contact Blue Stakes of Utah by dialing 811 from any phone or by following this link.

What are your signposts made out of?

Our signposts are handmade from the highest quality wood 4 x 4 x 8 boards. All of our signposts are symmetrically mitered for uniformity. Once assembled, our posts are then primed and painted to help them withstand Utah's harsh and ever changing climate.

Will your signposts tip over in the wind?

We employ a rigid installation protocol to ensure that every signpost is installed to a specified depth so you won’t experience the “tipping” that you see with our competitor’s product.  Our attention to detail ensures that you get a professionally installed “like new” product, every time.

Do you warranty your work?

We stand behind any installation that we perform and any sign panel we produce.  If you encoutner an issue that is deemed to be due to neglegience on our part, it will be reparied or replaced at our cost.

*IHI, LLC is not responsibe for damage that may result from extreme weather conditions.

Someone vandalized my sign, what can I do?

Please log into your user account at ihiSigns.com.  Locate the property address under your "Active Listings" button through your dashboard.  Click on the blue "Service Call" button to the right hand side of your listing address.  Once you submit your service call request we will process that order within 48 buiness hours.

What is a Green Flyer?

Our Green Flyer is a proprietary product that we developed to eliminate the need for and waste involved with brochure boxs and brochures.  Our Green Flyer is a rigid 8.5" x 11" brochure that is laminated and mounted directly to your signpost.

How can I order a Green Flyer from you?

Once you’ve created your brochure layout simply forward a high resolution copy to ihiSigns@gmail.com. Please include the words “Green Flyer” and the property address in the subject line of your email. We will then create and install your Green Flyer.

*Acceptable file types: ai, pdf, eps.

Can you make sign panels for me?

Yes we can! We can produce everything from smaller name riders to full scale development signs. Please email ihiSigns@gmail.com for additional information.

How do I order signs panels from you?

You have two options:

                   1.     You can have IHI create your artwork. Please email ihiSigns@gmail.com for additional information.

                    *Additional fees for design time will apply.

                   2.     You can have a marketing professional create your artwork and forward a high resolution copy to ihiSigns@gmail.com.

                    *Acceptable file types: ai, pdf, eps.

Do I have to place my new order through your website?


Can I provide my own real estate signpost?

Yes you can.  You will need to make arrangements to deliver your signpost to your listing property. Be sure to leave it in a conspicuous and accessible location. You will then need to enter a new order through our website and be sure to include special instructions.

Can I purchase your signpost?

Due to liability we cannot sell our wood signposts to clients.

Will you store my real estate sign?

As a courtesy we store signs for the real estate professionals we service.  Once we obtain your sign panel it will be cleaned and placed carefully in our temperature controlled warehouse for future use.

I am a new client, how can I get you my sign panels?

You have three options:

                   1.     Place a “Pick Up” order through our website and we will come to your office or residence to pick your sign panels up.

                   2.     Deliver your sign panels to our warehouse. Please contact for address.

                   3.     Leave your sign panels at your listing address and we will pick them up when we process your new installation order.

How do I find out if a development or city/township has a sign restriction?

You will need to contact the HOA or local town/city planner to inquire about any possible sign restrictions/ordinances.

* IHI, LLC is not responsible for acquiring this information nor for signposts that are placed in violation to any sign restrictions/ordinances.

What if a development requires special signage?

We work with many private developments throughout the state that require special signage. In most cases we can accommodate and even produce special signs for developments with specific sign guidelines.

Can you call me so I can meet you at my listing to show you where to place my sign?

Due to the chaotic nature of our daily routes/schedules we cannot make special arrangements to meet agents or homeowners onsite.  If you have a placement preference you can follow these easy steps:

                   1.     Physcially mark the area where you would like your signpost placed.

                   2.     Place your new order through our website and provide us with some instructions so we know what to look for.

Can I request that my sign be installed on a specific day?

Yes.  Due to the fact that we will need to prioritize your order there is a service fee for requests that must be processed on a specific day but we are happy to accomodate.  If you would prefer to avoid the serive fee you can request that we not install your sign before a certain date at which point we will process your order in our normal install cue (24-48 business hours from the date you provide).

My listing is set to close on a specific date, can I enter a removal request now but ask that you hold off until my property closes?

We would prefer that you wait to put through your removal request until your property actually closes.  This will help ensure that your signpose is not inadvertantly removed prior to your preference.

What if there are obstructions that might impede visibility to my sign?

Unless we receive specific placement instructions with your new order our installers will place a signpost based on their professional discretion.  They will take into consideration all of the limitations present and choose the most visiable location based on the available options.

* There are service fees for relocating signposts if there is an issue.


If you have any additional questions or concerns please free to Contact Us here.